10.10.2021 -- the radio section is now open!

new February 25, 2022 - obligatory update

i haven't been working on this personal website as much due to my efforts being spread across several different projects over the past few months. however, i have been rewriting and restructuring what i'd like to do with this site for quite a while now and plan to begin work on it through 2022. i plan to focus less on less menial things like radio recordings and my "art" and rather dedicate the entire site to television and the history of American broadcasting (as the domain implies.)

for now this current iteration of the website will most likely sit dormant until i overhaul it in the near future. to anyone interested in how the site currently looks/functions, archive what you'd like of it because i doubt i'll hold onto it. the next version of fenwick.tv will still be written in basic, ugly HTML but i'll be consolidating more time and effort into the look and resourcefulness of it

October 10, 2021 - new section, same website smell

here's a mini-capsule and a new bit of art i drew at work today

in other news, the radio page is finally open! there isn't very much posted yet aside from a few EAS activations i captured this summer, but i hope to soon fill it up much like the television page.

October 8, 2021 - halloweeny update

it's terrifying how little i update this site anymore

i've gone ahead and renamed the "music" page to "radio" considering i tinker a lot more with my SDR than studying music theory anymore. i've also redone the "page not found" graphic to be more fitting to the rest of the site. i haven't been buying or digitizing very many tapes recently, as my setup isn't performing up to par. virtualdub has been having issues, along with vegas, along with handbrake, and so on. i went out of my way to dig out my netbook (remember those?) from 2008 and set it up with older versions of my capture software to become a portable capture device. it works okay! here's a photo of it in action.

here are some capsules i put together at the end of last month:

i have plenty more Pokemon, Kids' WB and Playhouse Disney i received last month to create capsules for, i just haven't had the inspiration to do so recently. i'm hoping that i can get back into this and really start to grind out some great stuff for you all to read/watch.

lastly, i hit 1,000 subscribers on my television archive YouTube channel on the 21st of September. if you're not subscribed already, please do!

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