Emergency Alert System

SpongeBob The tones in these videos are valid. Misuse of these EAS tones are punishable by law of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). I am not responsible for any rebroadcasting of these tones, I am hosting them for educational and recreational purposes only.

Listen Date Alert Station Issued by SAME
YouTube July 29, 2021 Severe Thunderstorm Warning WXJ94 KPHI/NWS ZCZC-WXR-SVR-010005+0130-2101843-KPHI/NWS
YouTube Special Marine Warning ZCZC-WXR-SMW-073455-073454-073431+0230-2101853-KPHI/NWS
YouTube Severe Thunderstorm Watch ZCZC-WXR-SVA-024047-024045-073650-024019+0600-2101900-KPHI/NWS
YouTube Tornado Warning ZCZC-WXR-TOR-010005+0045-2101902-KPHI/NWS
YouTube August 11, 2021 National Periodic Test WSCL WSCL/WSDL ZCZC-PEP-NPT-000000-011001+0100-2231820-WSCLWSDL

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Last updated: October 10, 2021