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October 10, 2021 - new section, same website smell

here's a mini-capsule and a new bit of art i drew at work today

in other news, the radio page is finally open! there isn't very much posted yet aside from a few EAS activations i captured this summer, but i hope to soon fill it up much like the television page.

October 8, 2021 - halloweeny update

it's terrifying how little i update this site anymore

i've gone ahead and renamed the "music" page to "radio" considering i tinker a lot more with my SDR than studying music theory anymore. i've also redone the "page not found" graphic to be more fitting to the rest of the site. i haven't been buying or digitizing very many tapes recently, as my setup isn't performing up to par. virtualdub has been having issues, along with vegas, along with handbrake, and so on. i went out of my way to dig out my netbook (remember those?) from 2008 and set it up with older versions of my capture software to become a portable capture device. it works okay! here's a photo of it in action.

here are some capsules i put together at the end of last month:

i have plenty more Pokemon, Kids' WB and Playhouse Disney i received last month to create capsules for, i just haven't had the inspiration to do so recently. i'm hoping that i can get back into this and really start to grind out some great stuff for you all to read/watch.

lastly, i hit 1,000 subscribers on my television archive YouTube channel on the 21st of September. if you're not subscribed already, please do!

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Last updated: October 8, 2021