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September 16, 2021 - jkhgdfkjhfgdkjh

new capsule from Game Show Network, new art from my big fat sweaty pocket

a bunch of new tapes have arrived recently full of great things. writing pages for them as i type this. i still need to make use of the other pages on the site, but i'll get around to it once i've filled out more of the 'tv' section. yadda yadda, i know. same shit, different update.

R.I.P. Norm Macdonald

September 4, 2021 - spongebob september

howdy howdy. i've got SIX new capsules for you! all from recordings i revealed during FSBH21.

i don't plan to create pages for every single recording in this bunch, i just thought these in particular would make really neat capsules. enjoy!

September 1, 2021 - star trek september

happy september! i've recently been digitizing a TON of mid-to-late 2000s Star Trek reruns and i've put together two capsules today.

in the first page, i go into a migraine-inducing ramble trying to pinpoint the actual premiere date of the episode. it's a good read, just make sure to drink enough water. a lot of the Star Trek recordings i've been ripping haven't been successfully dated yet so as i pin down dates for them, i'll hopefully add new capsules for them throughout the rest of the month.

in other news, Summer Beach House '21 turned out really well! it was nice to see a lot people enjoyed the stuff i put up and i'm glad to have those recordings out on the internet now for those who love those eras of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. i'm not sure i'll ever create capsules on here for every single one of those recordings considering there are a couple hundred, but i'm sure i'll put together something for the really neat clips (SpongeBob, Kids Choice Awards, etc.)

i don't really update this site as much as i'd like to whether it be from working six days a week to having my time spread out across several different projects, but i hope as fall/winter 2021 comes around that'll change. i have about one hundred more discs to rip which i'm hoping will be done before the end of the year (if i don't run out of storage space). in my free time, i've been studying into game design and Java, though i don't think i really want to learn Java. i took a class for it in high school in an attempt to create a RuneScape private server and by the end of my first week i wanted to blast my brains all over the ceiling of the classroom. i'd much rather allocate my time towards getting into something a bit easier like unity or html/css/JavaScript and fart around with those.

lastly, i've been really into radio stuff again recently and even bought an RTL-SDR near the end of July to tinker with. i was really obsessed with AM radio in middle school but as i got more and more into media preservation and tape collecting, i stopped caring as much about radio. seeing as i regularly record EAS alerts from television, i've decided to open up a second channel where i'll occasionally be posting activations that i record using my SDR. if i begin to focus on it more, i'll open up a "radio" section on the website dedicated to it.

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