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August 24, 2021 - fenwick's summer beach house '21 starts today!

the wait is (nearly) over! in about an hour, Fenwick's Summer Beach House '21 will officially begin! get ready for a marathon of commercials, branding and other extra that i'm legally allowed to upload to YouTube! i originally wanted to do a multiple hour livestream with a server and prizes and whatnot but this project has already sucked so much time and energy out of me that i fell ill during the process of putting it all together. maybe next year i'll do something more grand!

the event runs from noon to midnight (EST) with a special video dropping after midnight. i'll be away from the keyboard for some of today so if anything fucks up or isn't watchable on your end, please shoot me a DM @ fen#3935. enjoy!

August 23, 2021 - one day remaining!

one day left until the countdown ends! i haven't had a chance to work on the other sections of the site yet (games and music) but i plan to fill them up with something in the coming month or so. i'm planning on using the games page for mods / add-ons / whatever else i can upload for the games i usually play and music will be transformed into more of a "radio" page. this big project has taken up most of my free time since early July so i'm somewhat relieved that it's dropping tomorrow.

aside from tomorrow's big shindig, i have another project i've been steadily working on since March(?) and hopefully it'll be ready for launch in about three months. on top of this, i'm going to get back to ripping the Red Green recordings i received at the start of summer and the various award shows as well. some of those will make for really nice capsule pages on the site.

on the topic of tapes, i don't think i'll be buying any more for quite a while. i recently threw about $50 towards various new, unlabeled tapes and just about every single one of them ended up sucking hard. like, soap operas and PAL format hard. additionally, my room is filled with well over 500 of them now and it's getting hard to move around in here without tripping. i'm definitely making it a goal to slim down my collection come 2022.

see you all tomorrow!

August 6, 2021 - the countdown begins

what's the spooky countdown for at the top of the site? who knows...

new capsules, new art. check 'em out PLEASE

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