Unimatrix Zero (Part 2)

Star Trek: Voyager - "Unimatrix Zero (Part 2)"

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Originally aired October 4, 2000; 9:00 p.m. on UPN

Recorded October 4, 2000; 9:00 p.m. from UPN (WNDY)

Voyager Voyager Voyager Voyager Voyager

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"Unimatrix Zero (Part 2)" is the seventh season premiere of the UPN series Star Trek: Voyager.

As I said in the capsule for the first part, I really know nothing about Voyager. I won't be giving any witty monologue about what the show means to me or any trivia about the episode; I'm completely lost when it comes to this. Maybe sometime in the future I'll watch more of Voyager and have an understanding of what these episodes are about!

Embedded are the split-screen credits from the previous airing of Voyager at 8:00. None of the credits from this airing survived, so I'm going to reuse the ones from Part 1. They feature a promo for this episode so it's close-enough. Hope you don't mind :^)

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