Ooh, Baby Baby

Bear in the Big Blue House - "Ooh, Baby, Baby"

Bear in the Big Blue House

Originally aired June 8, 1998; 10:00 a.m. on Playhouse Disney

Recorded May 27, 2000; 10:30 a.m. from Playhouse Disney

Bear in the Big Blue House Bear in the Big Blue House Bear in the Big Blue House Bear in the Big Blue House Bear in the Big Blue House

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"Ooh, Baby, Baby" is the first episode of Bear in the Big Blue House's second season. The original airdate for this episode varies from source to source, but I'm mostly certain it premiered on June 8, 1998 judging by newspaper listings and DCBA.

The synopsis for this episode is as follows: "Grandma Flutter drops her granddaughter, Baby Blotter, off at the Big Blue House while she goes to her dance class. Bear helps Tutter learn how to care for a baby -- but everyone's at a loss when Blotter starts to cry. The day is saved by Treelo, who comforts the baby and gives her his rattle."

I didn't watch a lot of Playhouse Disney (or Disney Channel) as a kid. However, Bear in the Big Blue House definitely appealed to me. I loved shows like Sesame Street and Between the Lions growing up so this was up my alley as well. I don't remember a ton from Bear aside from him talking to a shadow in his house and singing with the moon as seen at the end of every(?) episode.

Embedded are some Playhouse Disney promos that aired on May 27, 2000 alongside this episode.

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