Zoog Disney

Zoog Disney - Music Videos

Recorded March 4, 2000; 10:40 p.m. from Disney Channel

Zoog Zoog Zoog Zoog Zoog

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This recording is of three music videos from Zoog Disney, Disney Channel's short-lived preteen block that ran from 1998 to 2002. The block ran a lot of Disney's more mature live-action shows such as Bug Juice, So Weird, The Jersey and The Famous Jett Jackson to name a few. As made evident by this capsule, the block also ran music videos! I can imagine a majority of artists featured were boy bands and pop idols that were popular around the turn of the millennium.

Information is incredibly scarce about which videos ran on the block and when. Newspaper listings didn't consider these music video showcases as part of the schedule and I don't believe Disney themselves did either. They just sort of aired... whenever? From what I know, this batch of music videos ran for 20 minutes following Wish Upon a Star (1996), concluding Zoog Disney for the night of 3/4/2000.

I assume maybe two or three other songs aired prior to these, they just weren't recorded. I have no way on Earth to determine when these videos premiered on Zoog Disney without assuming they started airing when the songs themselves released. Maybe somebody can lead a Zoog Disney recovery project in the future to figure this sort of thing out.

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