The X-Files - "Home"

The X-Files

Originally aired October 11, 1996; 9:00 p.m. on FOX

Recorded December 11, 1997; 8:00 p.m. from FX

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"Home" is the second episode of The X-Files' fourth season. This episode is regarded by most fans of the show to be the most disturbing and graphic of the series, being the only episode to receive a TV-MA rating. After premiering on FOX in October 1996, "Home" never reran on the network. It wasn't reaired until a little over a year later on Thanksgiving 1997 as part of FX's X-Files Viewers' Choice Marathon.

While this recording isn't the FOX or FX premiere, I'm decently certain that it's the first ever rerun on FX. If I'm incorrect, please let me know. My friend and fellow X-Files fan Fry has graciously shown me his recording of the FOX premiere and it's just as cool as I imagined. X-Files tapes are something I am always on the lookout for so I feel like I will come across an original "Home" recording in the near future, especially seeing as how popular the series was around this time.

The episode itself is good though somewhat overrated in my opinion. It has gained a reputation over the years for being the "banned X-Files episode" which sounds like a major accomplishment as the series is already known for how graphic and dark it can be. Every element of the episode is really well done from the very grim lighting in the house, the disgusting freakish appearance of the incestuous Peacock family, and the rural Mayberry, North Carolina-like setting and characters (it actually takes place in real-life Home, Pennsylvania but was filmed in British Columbia). This episode is regarded as one of - if not the best in the series by a lot of different sources and while I agree it's great, a handful of other episodes are better than "Home". It's a top-20 episode for me.

Embedded is the promo for this episode when it originally aired on FOX a year prior. Credits to YouTube user The X-Files Forever.

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